Monday, August 19, 2019

Use the Intellect Honestly

You can't play God from the human perspective. That's what transcendence is all about. To play God from the human point of view causes a lot of suffering. Attempt to see from the Absolute's point of view. That will lessen suffering.

You can't put the intellect, rationality, or logic above Being, but you can certainly use the intellect and logic to grasp at Being. You are Beingness itself! And Being, created the intellect. So use the tool, but use it honestly, not in the defense of the ego. That's transcendence.

The intellect is a tool like any other. Everyone wants an honest carpenter because a hammer can be used to build a house or kill the owner. Like any other tool, the intellect can be used for good or ill. Use it honestly and it will serve you well.

Experience and intuition are not rational processes. But the intellect can analyze and determine the value of an experience. The story of the rope and the snake is the most well known example of this. Unpacking experience in a rational and logical manner can add great value to any experience, and can help you let go of experience that does not add value to your life because it is not true to the fact.

Using the intellect willingly, honestly, look at yourself and how you experience life. Question the validity of how you experience. Are your experiences a valid response to what is? Look at yourself honestly. Inquire into yourself without holding back what the facts are. Isn't this what self inquiry is? The wise saying, "Know thyself," is of paramount importance. But, you have to do it thoroughly and honestly.

Since the intellect is a product Being, it is secondary to Being. Using the intellect well will take you beyond it. But use it well first. Self inquiry is an intellectual task. You can transcend the ego, seeing that it is a construct, a useful tool, just like the intellect.

The hard problem of consciousness was answered long ago. Self inquiry will answer this for you. You will find that consciousness is primary. You are that. Problem solved.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mystics and Meaning

We can all agree that meaning is essential to human life and health. Culture and religion are methods to provide meaning, providing stories and structures that define values. But what happens to the individual that for some reason doesn't fit with the culture or can't stomach the religion in their environment?

Most people are pretty agreeable and they want to fit in. They don't question too much and join the parade. They can have fairly meaningful lives adjusting to the status quo. The issue of meaning isn't challenged because they adapt to the culture and religion provided. But what happens to the people that can't adjust?

Mystics through the ages have always been somewhat disagreeable. There a hundreds of stories of them being burned at the stake, forced to take poison, or simply banished from their homeland.

It's quite easy to see that for the mystic, accepting what has been handed down without examination or critique is anathema to their being. It's not that their religion isn't pointing to the truth, it's that they want to go deeper, to experience the truth for themselves. They don't want God, or Being, mediated to them by a priestly cast, they want to know God or Being directly.

This insistence most certainly puts them at odds with the culture, especially the religious aspect that has hardened into beliefs. The church says "This is what you must believe to belong, to be good, to be worthy." For the mystics, belief is not enough.

The mystic is the not the "true believer." The mystic is the one whose inside is screaming, "I want to know myself, as I am, in the ground of my Being." This demand cannot be mediated by any priest. It is a journey of the self to the Self. It is a lonely journey, a  journey into the desert, into the wastelands. A journey of discovery.

The mystic's search for meaning goes beneath the platitudes and insists that meaning must come directly from the Source itself. There must be in them some intuition that there is more to this life, this existence, than meets the eye, or is told in the town square.

Spiritual journeys are singular, and much of the journey is not pleasant. But, whatever the individual path, the mystics come to the same Source, the same fountain of profound truth. That is why their writings have been called "The perennial philosophy." The mystic finds that all the world's religious come from a single source, the being of existence itself.

The discovery of the mystic provides the authority with which they speak. The humility of their knowing shows they have transcended the personal self. That combination of authority and humility attracts seekers of wisdom. They do not put a price on sharing. They are available to all.

The mystic has tapped into the ground of Being. They speak of instantaneous knowledge, a direct download from Source. It comes with such authority that to question it seems absurd. Meaning pours through their souls like water after the years in the desert, making their journey worthwhile.

The mystic, knowing source directly, as the Beingness that they are, have the joy of meaning that they need not understand. In other words, knowing they are that which they sought, they know longer need to question their existence or justify it. The world is their creation.

Whatever travails the mystic endured, he comes to know the essence he is, is non other than the being that created this universe. As an individual they know their limitations, and they may not have all the answers, but the answer to the big question is complete. In that they rest.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Meaning and Intent

Meaning has to do with intent. It points to a significant quality. Isn't this what the search for Truth is? Finding what is significant and shows the intent of life?

The lack of meaning in one's life is a sure pointer that one has not found the Truth that satisfies. We're not talking about beliefs here. If one is defensive about one's position, you're standing on shaky ground.

The sages that seem to have the Truth, or a good taste of it, are humble, but speak with authority. They can speak with authority because it is not borrowed Truth, it is known in their bones.

If the universe is a random occurrence, can one find Truth in it? Or meaning. Evidence seems to show that one can. The Existentialists grappled with this. To a large extent they came to the conclusion that the individual had to answer their own question. Many did this without belief or acknowledgment of God.

I was an atheist for many years and found meaning in my life. It was very personal. It worked for me. But this never answered the question of the universe. I was still curious. Why the universe? Why the way it is? Why me?

These questions about the universe imply that as satisfying as my personal life might be, it did not answer some fundamental questions. And the fundamental questions did not just slip out of my psyche like chaff.

The drive to discover the most meaning possible in life remained. And these questions were larger than the personal self. The fact of the need for meaning, although personal to a large extent, points beyond. And it must point beyond because we did not create ourselves.

To my mind, finding myself a created being, could I really be satisfied with having personal meaning that did not include the creator? What was its intention? What was the creation for?

This process led to looking for deeper intent, a more profound meaning, a more inclusive understanding. Existence is. The search for meaning is. This is inherent in the human. Doesn't this make it clear the search is valid?

The sages have made it clear that "You are That." There is a lot of meaning in that statement. It means that you are larger than the small self. It means that although the small self exists, it is just a part of That.

The path from hearing "You are That," to knowing you are "That," is a long process, or a giant leap. The search is nothing but the path to know "That." When the truth of "You are That" dawns, meaning seems to drop like manna from heaven.

Knowing "You are That," makes you the whole. You are the creator of the universe and the purpose is yours. While still being the small self playing the role you are in, you are also the creator, the being of it all. How can you not be at peace with existence? It is you doing your thing. Your intent, your meaning. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Search

The only reason we search is that we think awareness is a personal product of our brain. Realization is seeing that our body and mind are in awareness, and we are That.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Be the Source

You can be the experiment source has created, or you can be the source and stand as the observer.

Why Is There a Creation

Everything that has ever been experienced has been the registering of change in awareness. When this happens, we become conscious of the experience. There is always the empty field of awareness as background. If we see a mountain, it is registering a presence as a change (the appearance of form) against the silent, blank, background of awareness.

Everything in the universe changes. Yet change can only be registered if there is something unchanging on which, or to which, it appears. That which registers all the change (experience) in the universe, must be prior to the creation for anything to register. That has been called "The Knower."

Though materialists would like to think that Awareness could be created, it is Awareness itself conducting the experiment in the lab. Awareness is the knower of the scientist and his experiment. You can't create Awareness because it is already here.

Anything known in this universe is known in Awareness as an experience. Any knowing since the beginning of time, since the manifestation of form, has been registered in Awareness. Just as there is personal memory, there is also cosmic memory, known as the Akashic records. As above, so below.

The one unifying force in the universe is the subjective I experience. It is common to all life. It had to be there prior to the first creature. Beingness itself is That Awareness. If it was there prior to the universe, it would be outside the creation, without beginning or end.

If experience is the registering of change, there has to be a background against which change is experienced. Awareness is that background, and the projection or manifestation of form is the process by which Awareness creates boundaries in order to register experience.

Everything we know is in Awareness. The projection of itself into form allows Awareness to know itself. Limitless creates limited form, boundaries of apparent separation in order to experience itself in infinite ways. No two of us are the same, but the subjective experience of I is the same for all of us. That subjective I, Awareness, is what we are.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Personal Responsibility

If you are not the "Doer," where does personal responsibility apply?

With deep examination, great sages have come to the conclusion that "I am not the doer, and neither are you." Assuming that you have read and pondered deeply enough to realize this, where does personal responsibility come into play?

I am not of the persuasion the person does not exist. The individual bodymind does exist even though its appearance is temporary, and it did not create itself. No one can say "I do not exist."

If we stand as Awareness, the Absolute, all responsibility resides here. The manifested creation, the projection into form, is my creation and my responsibility. It follows the universal laws I have laid down.

As the Absolute I can create focal points of limited consciousness, but can I give free will to any of the created beings?

If we have realized "We are not the doer," does that absolve us of responsibility in this world? Common sense says "No."

Realization does not disappear the body, and it does not disappear the mind, even though it may feel like the personal self is dissolved to a great degree.

Knowing that reality is non dual, forms still exist. There is the Absolute and there is the relative world of plants and animals. There are universal laws that obtain to all creatures, including realized beings. 

Regardless of the level of realization, the personal body and mind continue to exist. That existence is in the relative world, and the relative world has universal laws which apply. Jesus acknowledged this in saying "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's." Matthew 22:21. David Hawkins, likewise, reminded us not to mix levels.

As long as we remain in form, the universal laws apply. It is said, "Next to good manners, enlightenment is best." The point here is that no matter how realized a teacher is, as long as they remain in form, living in this world, the relative universal laws apply. As Jesus said, "Be in the world, but not of it."

The point is this:

Realization does not absolve the teacher of values. Realization does not bestow permission to abuse students. Realization doesn't make one a law unto themselves. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Freedom Expressing

The only free will is that which is expressing, and it's certainly not the personal I. For me, total freedom is the expression for which I personally am not responsible, and take no credit or blame. A relaxation into this is a great peace.

Intuition, Seeking and Finding

My thoughts on my search and the role that intuition played.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

You are That

"You are That"  Nonduality Interview with Maury Lee 

Kyle Hilding of Spiritual Download asked for an interview. It was recorded today. Enjoy, and thank Kyle for providing this opportunity.

(Part 1)   LINK:

(Part 2)  LINK:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Strong Ego Is Necessary

With therapy I developed a much less defensive ego, a healthier, stronger ego. The strength developed by experiencing that which I had repressed gave me the courage to face more and more.  The risk of finding out who you really are, how you really feel, teaches you to challenge yourself. True therapy teaches one to take risks. The result is a quieter more relaxed mind. Contemplation and the search for truth becomes easier.

In the pursuit of truth, a strong ego is necessary. You have to face your conditioning, challenge it, even when parents, family, friends and society are telling you what to think. Being strong allows for self examination. Put no head above your own. This does not mean that you do not learn from others you perceive to know more than you.

A strong ego that no longer needs defenses is much more capable of self examination. An ego that knows it can take a hit is much more open. It knows a threat to a current position can be examined. A strong ego is not threatened by deep contemplation and exploration. The opposite is true of a weak, defensive ego. It is not in a position to allow transcendence.

A strong ego is actually capable of pursuing truth, capable of discovering that it is not the doer, that it is not the center of the universe. It can handle the shift from primary identification, to secondary. After realization my ego is still intact. It is not who I am, but remains an excellent tool I use to navigate this realm.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Freedom and Bondage

When people use the word God they usually have many assumptions attached. That gets people into arguments. I like to use more neutral words such as Source, The Absolute, or The Ineffable. If we just drop all God concepts and just think of the indescribable force creating the universe, that's enough. Since the Source manifests everything out of itself, anything that has existence is That. Whatever That is in it's essence is what everything is. That means you are just as much That as I am. No matter who we are, we all say "I am." It's all the same existence. Non duality simply acknowledges that Oneness. Since all is one, the Absolute is the doer. We appearances have to make choices, and that certainly feels like free will. It isn't. You chose one action over another. The higher value wins out. Just common sense. It's a setup. The Absolute is in charge. When you identify with the Absolute, you can forget about the issue of free will. From the standpoint of one essence there is neither free will nor bondage. Nothing is opposed to it. The limitless knows nothing of bondage or freedom.

Friday, June 14, 2019

I haven't written much lately. I haven't lost my realization, it's just not that interesting. Once it's obvious, the obsession with enlightenment is gone. I'm just as interested in working on my old car. I did happen on this video which I thought was very good. Pretty much says it.

Darryl Sloan

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


When one relaxes into the Absolute with trust, playfulness arises spontaneously.

Seek And You Will Find

There is this myth that seeking is the problem. But, where does the seeking come from? None other than That. The inefable is all there is, any seeking is That seeking itself. My seeking was never to avoid anything. During my many years of seeking, I may have not been able to see or accept the deep impersonal implications of the Absolute, but my seeking was not in the way. Whatever detours I took were necessary or they would not have happened. Could not have been otherwise. Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find." It works. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Reprogramming the Subconscious

Realization is nice. It stops the seeking and gives incredible peace of mind. However, it does not wipe the slate clean of your habits, conditioning, and unconscious programs. These buried vassanas still operate: "A vasana literally means 'wishing' or 'desiring', but is used in Advaita in the sense of the sub-conscious or latent tendencies in one's nature."

The first changes are due to a loss of wishful thinking, imagining that something outside yourself will make you happy. These wishes diminish over time. You find that you avoid drama and discover that peace is a primary virtue. You don't go seeking experiences. It's all right here.

The subconscious is programed from ages one to seven years. An animal has instincts, they are hardwired and there isn't much they can do about it. If you've been around animals you know how strong the instincts are. In humans, instincts are few, but what we are programed with during our early years becomes our instinctual behavior. Because they are unconscious, not chosen, but taken in to survive our family and culture. In other words, to fit in. Realization does not automatically remove these.

I have never been one to meditate. Contemplation always suited me better. However, I have had some success doing subconscious reprogramming just before I fall asleep. I developed acid reflux due to a stressful family situation. It lingered after the situation was resolved. I felt guilt, and resentment. As a last resort I spent three evenings before I fell asleep imagining a golden light coming down and through me removing all guilt, shame, and fear. I told myself that I no longer stored these emotions in my body.

It took three days for all the symptoms to stop. That was a few years ago, and the acid reflux has not returned. That's a pretty big return on a few meditation sessions of reprogramming my subconscious. Below is a link to a short video by Dr. John Lipton. I think it makes the case very well.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Simple Happens

The ego is just fine, it gets a loss of power on awakening, but after adjustment you find it carried a lot projections and drama you no longer need. Without needing to get happiness out there, life becomes a lot simpler. The head of the outfitter company Patagonia said, "The more you know, the less you need." There's a lot of truth in that statement. Simple happens. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

What Reading Judo Krishnamurti Meant for Me

After my interview on, someone asked me to post on what reading J. Krishnamurti did for me. I've been very hesitant to video myself and put myself out on the youtube scene, but I decided to give it a try since I enjoy other peoples videos. I'm old enough now that I really don't care what people think. I don't really care if it's not polished. Just sharing what might be interesting to some.

One Truth, Many Paths

No matter what one's background, some of us are born with an intuition that things aren't as they seem. We have an intuition that what has been accepted as truth, isn't quite so. It is a problem for the possessor of this intuition as it puts one at odds with one's parents, culture, and tradition. The pursuit of truth does not seem like an option, but a drive, a devotion that requires an answer. When one is ready to give all for the uncovering of the truth, grace often removes the veil. 

Can an intellectual realize nonduality? Surely they can, even though it is said that the Jnana (intellectual path) is the most difficult. Franklin Merrell-Wolff approached enlightenment with philosophy and pure mathematics, and his realization was profound. The branch of philosophy called Phenomenology tries to examine the base from which all scientific exploration can be pronounced valid. 

A philosophical form of meditation called phenomenological reduction is not widely known. It does not have the popularity of the Eastern yogas, or the authority of religion, but it works just the same. This video by Tomaj Javidtash shows the power of phenomenological reduction meditation.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Awareness is All

Some say that Awareness is just another thought, a description of an object we are thinking about. I have to disagree. We have the word food. We know what it refers to, an actual object, say spaghetti. We can't eat the word, but we can eat the spaghetti.

In the case of Awareness we are speaking of something we know, but it isn't really an object, it is what we are. Although we have a form through which we perceive, Awareness is a function, a principle that allows for consciousness. There is nothing outside of Awareness. It is the perceiving of the Subject, the Absolute.

Every being is a perspective, a focal point of Awareness. Each focal point perceives in its own way. It perceives according to the faculties it has, type of eye, ear, or nose, but however different, depending on the organs of perception, Awareness is what delivers the perspective.

Awareness is. It is not another object. It is what perceives all objects. Awareness is the Subject. It is what we are.

Whatever objects are, matter and energy projected, they are created by the Absolute, and perceived by the function of Awareness. We can only know via Awareness. It is the basis of all knowing. We know we are because we are Awareness itself, and whatever the Absolute is.

There is not anything in the universe that is not aware on some level. That awareness is conscious of something, even if only the attraction between positive and negative particles of atoms. From the outer limits of the cosmos to the tiniest quark, Awareness reigns.