Friday, April 19, 2019

There Are No Things

When a sage says "There are no things," it is not dismissing the fact that we see things, tables, chairs, trees, and flowers. It means that although we perceive these different objects, their separateness isn't real.

What the sage means is that name and form are creations of our mind. A chair only exists to a human. A snail or a snake does not see a chair. It sees a form, but it is just another part of the environment.

The whole of creation is a perception in Awareness. It is one field with apparent difference. Whatever the thing is in itself, it is not separate from Awareness. All separateness is just an interpretation.

We can't say these things don't exist, yet, being all one, we can say "There are no things." There is only existence, and all existence is known in Awareness. One, being all that is. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Unified Field

There is hope for the world in that Quantum mechanics and nondual Advaita Vedanta are both science based. Both are interpretations of what is. Although Quantum Mechanics looks at matter and discovers consciousness, Advaita Vedanta looks at human experience and reveals nothing but consciousness.

As Quantum Mechanics reveals further proofs of the primacy of consciousness, the oneness of creation that Advaita Vedanta espouses will be more easily accepted. In simple terms, existence is nothing more than consciousness.

The Unified Field is nothing more than consciousness expressing Itself as everything that is. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Where Love Is

The creator does not judge his creation. It only loves. Whatever the creation does, the creator looks on with love. That love is without beginning or end.

To love as the creator loves, first one must come to love oneself. That begins when one stops judging oneself good or bad, righteous or unrighteous.

Improvement doesn't come from judgment, it comes from love. The expression of love begins with forgiveness of self and others. There really are no others, so what you forgive in yourself forgives the world. Then the world becomes a beautiful place, a place where love is. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Responsibly Innocent

Although we must demand responsibility, we are all innocent. The Absolute which we experience as Awareness is the doer.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Your Loved One

Say you are grieving for a loved one who is gone. I ask you, how did you know that loved one? You knew them in Awareness, as Awareness. And how did that loved one know himself, or herself? In Awareness, as Awareness. And where is that awareness now? Right here, where you are. Can you see this Awareness is all there ever was, and is?

Awareness being every image from microbe to tiger, to friend, is the only life there ever was. You, this Awareness are still here. Your friend, loved one, known in and as Awareness, cannot be gone. Awareness is still here.

You are an image in this Awareness, just as your loved one was an image this Awareness. As that Awareness your loved one is still here, present as this Awareness. In fact, the only friend you've ever had is this Awareness, right here, right now.    

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Choiceless Awareness

When I deeply examine choice, I find only the feeling of choice, a sense of choice, but not the fact. As an individual I did not create this world, this body, or the process. Any choice ultimately is the play of Lila. Surrender to that is choiceless awareness.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Realization and Embodiment

"The view cannot be the viewer," was a simple statement by Richard Rose. It cuts right to the chase. It means that no matter what you see with your eyes, or feel, or think, the knower of those objects can't be them. This points to Awareness as being the knower, the true Self. This is in line with the basic Vedanta discrimination "Not this. Not that."

Vedanta has a progression of propositions to bring an entirely ignorant person along a conceptual path to the truth of non duality. "The view cannot be the viewer," is a first step to discriminate between Self and appearance. However, once one gets this point, and sees Self as Impersonal Awareness, a subtler point is made, "The "observer is the observed." This follows because there is nothing outside of Awareness.

Nothing in existence can be outside Awareness. Unfortunately, we humans are primarily aware of the content of Awareness, not the Awareness that is looking. We also tend to think of Awareness as personal, belonging to us. Coming to see that our personal self is known by Impersonal Awareness is a big step.

"You are what you seek," is a simple pointer to Impersonal Awareness. The seeker is Awareness under the mistaken identity of the personal self. When Awareness as the essence, the very existence of all that is seen, then "The observer is the observed"
Seeking ends when the personal I falls into the background and Awareness takes the foreground. Realization is this shift from personal identity to Impersonal Awareness. When Impersonal Awareness is known to be the true Self, there really is nothing else to seek. It is the knowledge that stops the search. The big existential question has been answered.

"The faint remains of ignorance" is the phrase used to describe what remains of the ego. The personality doesn't disappear, but its dominance is undone. This usually conveys an initial sense of loss, or death. In time, "the faint remains of ignorance," (the personal self), enjoys the freedom of not being the doer.

The subtleties of Realization can deepen until the end of life. Actualizing the deepening realization is the ongoing process. Embodiment of the realization is all that's left to do. Living the realization is now where the rubber hits the road. This is where gurus live up to the realization, or fail. Do they walk the talk? 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Awareness Inside and Out

When you realize that you are the Awareness in which your searching is occuring, and that nothing you can do is outside of awareness, you will be well on your way. The shift in identity from personal searcher to Awareness itself, is realization.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

To End Separation

In form, in a body and mind that believes it is a body, there is a sense of separation. Every other bodymind is sensed to be separate. In fact, everything in the universe is deemed to be outside the body. This sense of separation is untrue and causes one to seek.

For this universe to exist, and for the drama of life to play, there must be form, and form requires limitation. This sense of limitation gnaws at us, and we long for freedom. The teachings of non duality show that we are free and not limited.

The Eastern sages call the world Maya, an illusion. It is not that the forms do not exist, but that they are temporary. If they are temporary, can they be real? 

As one seeks truth one has to question deeply, "Who am I." It stands to reason that to know anything about this universe, and this life, one needs to start from the one truth no one can deny, "I exist." What is this I, and what is existence? The sages of ancient India used the phrase, "Existence, Conscious, Bliss" to sum up reality. The unpacking of this phrase shows that Existence cannot be outside consciousness. Existence equals consciousness.

Awareness, from which we are never separate is available, without judgment, to see any object, physical or mental. Every thought, feeling, sight, and sound, appears in awareness. Yet, one seldom steps back from the objects of awareness to awareness itself. If one can do this, the feeling of separation has a chance to recede. This is called, "standing in awareness."

If one contemplates this long enough, one begins to get the sense that the bodymind and everything known is in awareness. Pursued to the furthest depth, one comes to the conclusion that one is awareness, not a bodymind in a universe.

This shift from being a bodymind to being Impersonal Awareness is a difficult shift. We are hard wired and conditioned by experience to perceive ourselves as a body in a world. A better interpretation of our experience is required to see that we are Impersonal Awareness. It is a difficult, outrageous, and counter intuitive leap. But this shift must happen to end the sense of separation.

One may have an intuition that non separation is the truth. To get the mind to see this, accept this, is the journey. It is a journey from separation to oneness, or non duality. When one sees this non duality, and it becomes real, that is called "Realization."

My own path found real value in studying the Upanishads of Advaita Vedanta. The ancient sages developed many teachings that reveal to the mind, in a logical and methodical way, the correct method of interpreting experience. It shows that everything is in Awareness, and "You are That." 

Why Must Innocence Be Lost?

Why must innocence be lost; tasting the fruit of the tree of good and evil? A clue is in statements such as "To know and know that you know."

Why the double know? You could say animals don't question what they are. They are just pure expression of That. They are That, but they do not know they are That.

The human is required to take a much more profound step, and that step is the suffering accompanied by separation. The separation has to happen so that innocence is destroyed. Then when innocence returns it is known.

This is expressed by T. S. Elliot when he said, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

Monday, April 1, 2019

As Above, So Below

If you read about near death experiences, or watch video accounts of them, there is a commonality to the reports. There is initially darkness, vast and impenetrable. Then a small light appears in the distance. It gets brighter and one is drawn to it. Reports tell of flying towards the light without effort. Upon entering the light, love is felt to a profound depth unknown before. Then a place appears and one is introduced to Christ, or Buddha, or Mohamed, or God, and a life review begins.

I've been told these stories by people who experienced them. They are like the accounts I've read. Yes, I'm talking about these stories, but I would like to point out something more basic. You've heard this pointer before.

Whether in life or in the afterlife, the basic fact is our knowing, our awareness of events. Yes, this basic awareness, so hidden by events. Hidden by stories of life on earth, and in the afterlife. Awareness.

Is there anytime, on earth or in heaven that we are not aware? People who are able to speak of their past lives, can only speak of them as having known them, having been aware of them.

Awareness is basic. It seems to be the ground of being. Existence itself is only evident in awareness. Can we separate existence from awareness?

The ancient sages had a phrase, "Existence, Consciousness, Bliss." They had pierced the veil of content, of story, of objects, and made clear that  existence itself was awareness, the ground of being.

Awareness, the ground of eternal knowing, is existence. It is what we really are. Whole, complete, and at peace. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Slings and Arrows

The world as seen as an individual bodymind is separate, needing protection and defense. The individual world is full of projections, jealousy, resentments, etc. When the identity shifts to the Self, impersonal Awareness, you stop creating that world of separate beings and populating it with the slings and arrows of individuality.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

TV Dramas

When you are watching a good movie on TV, you are totally wrapped up in the action on the screen. You forget all about the TV. In fact, you are not even aware of the TV, you are only aware of the story. Yet, without the TV, there would be no action on the screen.

Our lives are similar. We are so wrapped up in the story of me and my dramas, that we do not recognize the Awareness that we are. Awareness perceiving the story.

So, if we never stop to ask, "What is this Awareness that holds and knows this story, this drama," we never know we are that Awareness, and not the story.

We are the TV that receives all channels, knows all channels, and is all channels. The stories appear in me, and yet, I am free of all the stories. 

You Are Not The Story

You only need to be aware that awareness is what you already are. I used to remind myself by saying "I am the awareness that knows Maury, the awareness in which Maury appears."

You, is a story being played out in awareness. You can see the story because you are NOT the story. You are the awareness that sees the story. As awareness you are not affected by the story, not anxious, not afraid. You are the knower of the story, not the story character.

Friday, March 29, 2019

You Are Awareness

Someone asked me, "I'm having the hardest time staying present in my day-to-day. Is there anything you can suggest (mantra, what have you) to help a novice get a better grip on Now?"

Actually, what you are is presence, is awareness. Awareness is always here. When you find yourself distracted, anxious, or worried, it is awareness that is knowing those thoughts. You are not the distracting thoughts, the anxious feelings. You are the awareness that knows those thoughts and feelings.

You can never be outside awareness. Yes, your mind may be distracted, but whatever is the distraction, it is known by awareness. So, rather than a mantra, and certainly not the mantra that "I am distracted," just realize that awareness is knowing the distraction, and you are that awareness.

So, you are never not present, you are eternally present as that Awareness. It is what you are. If you just remember you are awareness, when you feel distracted, that is enough. 

Monday, March 25, 2019


Freedom is freedom from suffering, from fearing death. It is freedom from the limitation of identification with the body. It is not freedom to do what you want without responsibility. It's feeling free as identity has shifted to being impersonal awareness. It not about action, it's about freedom from the actor.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Most Unchanging

Jordan Peterson, in his book "12 Rules For Life, An Antidote to Chaos" has this to say on page 13.

"It's chaos, within order, within chaos, within higher order. The order that is most real is the order that is most unchanging -- and that is not necessarily the order that is most easily seen."

Reading those words really stunned me due to my understanding of non duality. In the world understood by the non dual sages, reality is defined as "That which does not change." Now isn't it astounding that Jordan Peterson, one of the most profound intellectuals of our current Western thinkers, has discovered this? Doesn't his statement make it clear that the ground of being is that which doesn't change?

That which doesn't change is ineffable, unlimited, unbound, beyond good or bad. The ancient Hindu sages stated thousands of years ago that Reality is that which doesn't change. And now, in our time, Jordan Peterson, perhaps the most popular lecturer of our time is saying the same thing, having made the same discovery.

Anyone who has pursued enlightenment can vouch for the fact that understanding and finding the impersonal non dual Self is perhaps the hardest thing a man can pursue. The difficulty lies in the simple fact that it is not easily seen. One literally has to step back from the personal self which changes, and discover the pure Awareness that is unchanging, no matter what is appearing in its field.

I believe the popularity of Jordan Peterson may be that he is touching on this foundational truth of Reality, that the ground of being is Awareness. And since it is the truth, and it is foundational, it can be trusted. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Realization Is Not Sainthood

I read that "Realization, enlightenment, or awakening, does not necessarily make one kinder, more compassionate, more caring, more truthful, more saintly, more open, more noble, more ethical or more religious."

That's true, realization is no guarantee of virtues. However, there is a tendency towards less reactivity, less projection, and less egoic concern, resulting in a more peaceful disposition with less concern. Grieve not for the living or the dead,' begins to make sense.

So the trend upon realization is good, but the results vary. Anomalies abound.
Even Jesus said, "Why do you call me good? No one is good--except God alone."

My own pursuit of realization was never about being good, or being saintly. My only concern was for the Truth. My devotion was to Truth. I believe this helped me stay clear of lousy half-baked teachings and guru worship. I always knew the guru was just the messenger. I never put a teacher above my own head.

Lastly, realizing "I am That," does not automatically make you different. It stops your seeking, and your mind quiets down, but you don't just become saintly because of the knowledge. I think the current talk in spiritual circles about embodiment and actualization reflect the fact that after realization there must follow a lifelong unfolding of what that implies.  

Friday, March 8, 2019

Watching Your Thoughts

Watching your thoughts should simply point out that what is watching is who you really are. The thoughts are what you took to be yourself, but now you see that they are only appearances upon the real Self, awareness. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Existence Equals Awareness

The ear doesn't make sound, but it hears all sounds. The eye doesn't make images, but it sees any image that appears. The nose doesn't make smells, but it smells many different scents. The skin doesn't make touch, but it senses many different textures. The tongue doesn't have a taste, but it tastes whatever is put on it.

You could say that the senses are neutral. They simply reveal what is available. The single factor behind all these sense organs is awareness. It registers without choice, what the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin reveal. 

Just so, the knower, awareness, doesn't have a preference for what it experiences. It simply registers whatever experience is presented. However different our lived experience, it is all known by awareness. Isn't it obvious that awareness, the knower, is universal?

I can say that my experiences are different from your experiences, but can I say that the knower, awareness, is different from yours?

It is said that the one thing no one can deny, is that I exist. Your knowledge of existence is rooted in awareness. Is there any difference between the knower and existence? Can't we then say, that there is one existent awareness, and every experience, name and form, is nothing but that?