Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silence Knows

How do you put into words
the silence that does not speak?

How do you say what silence sees
when it looks at concepts?

It sees the royal road to suffering is paved with
thoughts and concepts.

So much glamour, full of chatter and pain.
Silence watches quietly.

Silence being what it is, peacefully looks on,
without a move of interference.

Silence in compassion does nothing,
yet remains the invitation.

Silence knows that thought could be dropped,
but the mind does not.

Silence is what it is, not waiting, always present,
just being there.

Silence is, remains, and knows.
Any mind, any time, may let go and be silence.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well Unknown

There is too much
unknown to nail it down.

No form to make bricks,
to lay a foundation.

No place to lay your head,
or mind.

The unknown is infinitely deep,
and the bottom not seen.

But you can look,
and fathom the deep.

Feel the mystery,
and rest in unedning awe.