Sunday, February 7, 2010


That which is, is all that is, and has it's reasons, though I do not understand.

Hallelujah is all I can say to the Lord's perfection, which I don't understand.

The mystery is beyond what this mind can understand, yet the intuitive heart knows, hallelujah!

Faith is the only response to this, with no better expression than Hallelujah.

The victory is on my knees, in full submission, mouthing hallelujah!

Before this mystery, this masterful piece of oneness, nothing more than hallelujah satisfies.

Pride and arrogance are fallen in disgrace, tried and discarded as so much chaff.

Lord, have mercy on this soul in disgrace, while home is a hair's breadth away.

While the mind never knows the answers, yet my soul sings hallelujah.

My hands are tied, my knees are bent, my head is bowed, yet my heart sings but hallelujah.

School is almost over, nothing new was learned, but letting go.

Hallelujah tells the story that in the end nothing worked but surrender.

For surrender is the joining with that which is. Hallelujah!