Friday, January 18, 2013

Letting Go

"Let go and let God." These five words may be the most powerful you will ever encounter. Simple, so simple, elegantly simple. Read them quickly and you will miss the profundity. Slow down, ponder, and take them to heart, and you may just experience a deep and abiding peace.

Let's define the words to slow the mind down and actually take them in.


Let: Not prevent or forbid; allow
Go: Move from one place or point to another; travel.
and: To join
Let: Not prevent or forbid; allow
God: Creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the Supreme

If you take in the definitions of these few words, one sees that what is expressed twice is the word Let, the concept of allowing, of not interfering or forbidding  This implies surrender, allowing that which is, to be, without judgment, without holding back. This is nothing other than love.

Go, in this sentence means release. Anything that we have not been allowing is released. We move from the position of holding on, holding back and resisting, to letting go.

And is a joining. This joining is accomplished by letting go of our positions, our judgments, and joining with the source. Our creator.

God, being the creator, the source of all that is, alone, is in position to judge.

Taking these words to heart will bring peace to your mind, contentment to your soul. These words point to the letting go of your worries about how things are. Source has created all this. Whatever appears to be happening is allowed. Even your disagreement with what is happening is allowed. Seeing that all is allowed, it is easy to be what you are, and know that all is well.