Sunday, July 22, 2018

Automatic Value Judgments

One of the best definitions I've heard about emotions is that they are "automatic value judgments." This definition carries a lot of weight. First of all it is seen that they are judgments, and we know what that leads to. Secondly, they are automatic, which means they may have been picked up in childhood, or from some group or culture without thorough unpacking. If we act on them without consideration we may fall into patterns of response that are not in line with dharma or reality for that matter.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Consciousness Can Only Investigate Itself

Because anything we look at or investigate is in consciousness, we can never escape it. Since this is the case, to know what is out there, we have to investigate what consciousness is.

Since there is nothing outside of consciousness, we must investigate consciousness with itself. The consciousness that is closest to us, obviously, is that consciousness which we are. So, we must begin right here, where we are, with our own bodymind.

When we investigate we see that there is a field, a screen on which everything appears. We know the screen is here because everything appears here. We are aware, as presence, yet we cannot describe it. 

The field we know is awareness itself. The bodymind also appears on this screen. The senses play on this screen. Hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, feeling, thinking, all appear on this screen. Whatever appears, the screen reveals.

As consciousness examines itself, it comes to the conclusion that there is nothing but itself. With persistent self examination, even the bodymind dissolves into presence. That presence, that pure awareness is what truly is. It is what we are.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Everything You Experience is Consciousness

When you taste an apple you are experiencing consciousness.
When you see the beauty of a sunset you are experiencing consciousness. When you hear the voice of your beloved, you are experiencing consciousness. When you feel the breeze on your face you are experiencing consciousness. When you smell the flowers on the breeze, you are experiencing consciousness. When are you not experiencing consciousness?

If you take this in, you will come to the conclusion that the only thing there is, is consciousness. The world out there is only a seeming. The entire knowledge of it, the entire experience of it, is in consciousness only. That knowledge points to consciousness as that which only is. You are that. Everyone is that. Nothing is outside of it. There is no separation anywhere.

The Thing in Itself

All the science on consciousness measures effects. These would be EEG brain waves, lighted areas showing on MRI scans, etc. All these scientific methods are noticing and measuring phenomena produced by consciousness, but none see the "thing in itself."

All scientific exploration of consciousness has an a priori problem. It is consciousness itself that is doing the perceiving, measuring, and concluding. Consciousness is the observer, and not an object itself.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Which Identity

The basic fact of ignorance or enlightenment is simply what identity we hold as self. If we identify with our body-mind, then we are limited and mortal. If we identify as awareness (the perceiver of body-mind), then we are unlimited and immortal.

Identifying with the body-mind causes suffering because anything that happens to the body-mind is personal. We resist. But, knowing oneself as impersonal, unlimited, eternal consciousness, removes personal suffering.

If you are not the body-mind, but that which perceives it, where is there room for feeling hurt or slighted? It's like watching a character in a movie. Resistance is dropped.

The only thing that needs to be done to receive peace and happiness is to examine your experience and determine whether or not awareness is limited to the body-mind. If not limited to the body-mind, you are that impersonal awareness, forever free.