Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advaita Round Robin

Advaitists tell us that:

Enlightenment means realizing that, "You are not the doer."
Enlightenment means realizing that, "The Absolute is the only doer."
Enlightenment means realizing that, "You are That."
So - enlightenment leaves you back as the doer after all!

~ John Wren-Lewis ~

So, we are back again, in the world, as the doer. How does that feel? Does it feel enlightened?

Any way you look at it, you end up being the doer. It's just that depending on the level of awareness, one is either a personal doer, or an impersonal doer.

One could say, "Whatever I do is the will of Source," and absolve oneself of any responsibility. Notice however, that this absolution is aligned with the small self, making excuses for the small self to do whatever it desires to do.

Perhaps, as awareness increases, one surrenders the little doer for the bigger one. One may find oneself repeating lines from the Lord's Prayer. "Thy will be done."

Would not a true sense of the larger self ask, "What is thy will?"

The higher level of awareness actually takes more responsibility, not less. Whereas the gang-banger selling drugs on the street corner, does not think about what is good for anyone else.

So perhaps one needs to consider the level of responsibility one takes for oneself, and the world, as an indication of how enlightened one actually is.

This of course, does not preclude surrender, as in "Thy will be done."

Thus one is in the position of "Thy will be done," and here is my contribution. I give what I can give, without taking on responsibility for the results.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Perfectionism is an ego position that makes oneself and others imperfect. The bad news of your judgment travels fast, condemning all who come in contact.

Only the perfectionist knows how poorly we all perform. The perfectionist's glasses are not rose colored, they are black. The world becomes black and white, right and wrong.

Perfectionism is a form of limitation. It sees lack everywhere. And where there is lack, there is suffering. It keeps one from trying anything new. We are such a failure already.

The perfectionist sees the imperfection of everything, in family, friends, and nature. The imperfect flower, the broken tree, the potholes in the road.

I will leave the perfectionists to count the potholes. I will enjoy the bouncing ride and the completeness of the rose in half bloom.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Message

You can't keep from sending out the message of who you are. You are broadcasting the truth of you 24/7.

There are energy fields, many as yet unnamed, picking up and returning to you, what you send out. Your sending is 24/7 and your receiving is 24/7. And what you send will come back to you, yeasted and risen, ten fold.

The bigger part of your broadcast is not even seen, but the message is sent anyway. It is broadcast in unseen ways, beyond your facial expressions, beyond your body language.

The energy fields of your mind and heart signal silently, like a beacon, bringing to you like signals only. And you wonder why you keep getting the same response.

The grid knows what signal you are sending, and it will pick up signals from the other side of the world, and drop them in your lap.

You don't need to worry about your doing. Who you are, what you have become, will take care of that. For who you have become is the broadcast, and the interchange with what comes back determines the scope of what you will do.

Who you are, and what you have become, will be doing the truth of you 24/7. It will take care of all your doing. You may think the world is limiting you, but it is just responding to your signal.

You do not need to shout your message. You only need whisper, because who you are is shouting all the time. And those whose antenna is tuned to your frequency, will find you, and give it back to you, full, and running over.

The grid, the matrix, connects us all. No barrier exists. It is all a matter of tuning. Each antenna broadcasts at its frequency. Before the signal is even sent, those tuned in, are already receiving it. Your reply will be swift.

The messenger who arrives is only bringing your message back to you. Don't begrudge him, revile him, or disparage him. Receive the message you have sent.

The grid moves all thought, feeling, attitude, around the globe outside of time. It has no barriers. Those with a grand view, an open landscape, and taller antenna, get the finer bandwidths, receiving the finer messages.

The message is only limited by the receiver. And it was limited by the message you sent. The field of messages is infinite, and the choice is yours.

The open channel broadcasts to all, but the high message is heard by few. The returning signal from those few, brings the messages from higher beings, and the music is celestial.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ripples of I AM

"I am," he said, "forevermore."

"I am this, and I am that, and I am everywhere."

All of natures speaks "I am." Silently as the fish glides, loud as a lion's road, laughingly as a hyena.

I am is here, and there, and everywhere. All the lands express I am, silently. Here and there are different textures only. The land and sea know no here and there.

The wind howls about the globe, flickering in the leaves, and on the grass, breezily whispering, "I am. The wind knows neither here nor there.

The sea rises and falls, touching every land. It powerfully knows and shows, "I am." But the sea knows neither here nor there.

Children seem to know "I am." They're just not very good at knowing who. Imagination calls them into being anything they wish.

Who and where are just ripples on the surface of "I am."

Who's Looking

Who designed the way we imbibe stories? Who made the innocent hardware that writes the stories' bits to memory?

Who is the I that has to live the bits prescribed? Am I the organizing principle, the result of the script titled "ego?"

When I look at the hardware and software of who I am, who's looking?

When I think of revising the script, am I the ego?

If I don't like what the ego is doing, how it looks, and how it feels, who is the I that doesn't like what it sees? Who's the boss here anyway?

"Whooo, whooo, are you?" screeches the owl, as it flies off silently without answering.

Down the road the rain has stopped. The sun is glimmering through a rainbow. The beauty is self evident. No one sees the beauty, but it is there.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stand and Wait

"He also serves who only stands and waits."
~ John Milton ~

Why is this one standing? Why is this one waiting? What is he waiting for?

One cannot stand patiently without hope. One cannot wait without faith. Hope and faith stand and wait because that which is unseen is being born. The unseen will soon become seen.

Standing and waiting in faith and hope brings forth things unseen into the dream, manifesting in ways unknown. You are the dreamer within the dream, the play within the play. And just as all that Is, came by word out of nothing, so you too create.

Those who stand and wait do not go out into the world to save it. The world is changed by what they have become, not by what they do. Doing is like praying in the public square, but standing and waiting is done in private.

Those standing and waiting, the awakened ones, know all is One -- all is consciousness.

What one places in consciousness himself has its appointed hour, its appointed time. It will come.

All that is, was brought out from nothing when the Word went out. The unseen became seen. Just so, he who stands and waits brings forth as well. He stands in waiting for the blossoms at their appointed hour.

The world reflects what you are. All your thoughts, memes, attitudes, and positions, create the world you live in. They produce after their kind. They are more powerful than armies.

The few who are cleansed in mind and thought, who stand and wait, serve well, for what they have changed within themselves is working, day and night, in unseen ways.

Receptive souls in every land, receive that helping hand; lifting them, and holding them in the light.

Consciousness creates and sends that which is held in mind, faster than light, faster than time. Though the sender seems to be standing and waiting only, the unseen is seen. He who is standing in hope and faith knows the bloom will manifest.

This world is a dream, and within the dream, we also are dreamers. We have freedom unknown, yet sleep. To awaken within the dream is enlightenment.

In this awakening, what we have become does all the work. Stand without moving, waiting, for the quickening is happening.

"Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind." ~ John Milton~


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Monday, March 2, 2009

Creation, Freedom, and Responsibility

Freedom and responsibility are always in perfect balance. You can't escape it. Those who try to live with license find that others will take care of their freedom for them. Balance wins every time.

This creation was imagined into being. Freedom and responsibility came with the manifestation. For in the beginning was the Word, and it did not come back empty handed.

So where is the creator now? Is he just watching the show, set in motion like the pendulum of a clock? Or is he participating? Perhaps we are carrying the creation forward, creating consciously or unconsciously, as the case may be. For don't we carry the Christ consciousness within? Being those he created in his image.

Why do we take the creation to be only as the five senses portray it, forgetting our own creative power? Why do we accept the physical manifestation as the only reality? Why do we proceed to manipulate it physically, taking lots of energy? When did we forget the power of the Word?

We forget what we were imagined into existence. We forget that we are created in God's image. And then we go about creating unconsciously. We proceed to do with our hands what could be done with the internal Word.

We spend much time undoing what we create unconsciously with our thoughts. For
we have forgotten that we are the sons and daughters of the Great Creator. We create as well. And it is our freedom that allows us to create, project and manifest into this world we live in. When do we wake up?

God is not a passive creator, but an active one. He is creating through us day and night, and we do not know it. We just live with the effects, and wonder what the hell happened. We are not the unjust recipients of bad effects, but the unknowing creators and reapers of our thoughts.

We are not punished for our sins, but by our sins. As ye sew, so shall you reap. We look for the evidence in the world of our senses, and try to discern the cause in the physical world. But what we see is just the effect. We created it with our thoughts, or seemingly innocent thoughts.

We look in the physical world. But the cause is not there. The physical world is the world of results, not the cause. I once heard that if there was enough love in the world, there would be no accidents. Perhaps she was right.

Where is the cause? Where do the effects come from? It is in our own unconscious thoughts pouring out in a stream from us as that creates the effects. We are enormous creative beings, forming what we expereince every day. We are the energy that creates our world.

Since we do not recognize ourselves as the source, we look for the cause out there in the world. Being unconscious of own creations, we become experts in the blame game. We point our fingers across our living room, across town, and to our neighbors overseas. But the cause is closer than our breath, nearer than our chakras. It is our own unconscious stream of thought, imagining the world we live in 24/7 that is to blame.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word is in us, and its creative power does not come back empty handed. It comes into manifestation full blown with great effect. We can point and we can blame, but it only points out how unconscious we really are.

If we knew our own freedom, do you think we would have wars? If we knew our own freedom, would we project hate all around us? Would we bring death and destruction upon ourselves and our neighbors? It is our very freedom that creates this world as we know it. Yet we do not own our freedom. For we do not know our freedom. We are unconscious of it.

Responsibility and freedom go together. We remain unconscious of our responsibility at our own peril. We must become conscious to raise the Christ Consciousness. We must take ownership for the world daily, as we create it, minute by minute.

When we wake up to what our thoughts create, and take responsibility for what we create, we can begin to question what we are doing. If we watch what is going on in our minds, and take into account that they are the creative Word, we will soon know why the world is the way it is. When we see it, we can change it. Then our freedom will be known.

The world does not have to be the way it is. The world does not have to be full of our hateful effects. We have the power to change it. Our freedom and responsibility are tied together hand and foot. Only as long as we refuse to acknowledge our responsibility, can we not see our freedom.

For the Word went out and it did not come back empty handed. No, it came back with all the effects. We are created in the image of God, and our Word goes out, consciously or unconsciously. Which will it be?