Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advaita Round Robin

Advaitists tell us that:

Enlightenment means realizing that, "You are not the doer."
Enlightenment means realizing that, "The Absolute is the only doer."
Enlightenment means realizing that, "You are That."
So - enlightenment leaves you back as the doer after all!

~ John Wren-Lewis ~

So, we are back again, in the world, as the doer. How does that feel? Does it feel enlightened?

Any way you look at it, you end up being the doer. It's just that depending on the level of awareness, one is either a personal doer, or an impersonal doer.

One could say, "Whatever I do is the will of Source," and absolve oneself of any responsibility. Notice however, that this absolution is aligned with the small self, making excuses for the small self to do whatever it desires to do.

Perhaps, as awareness increases, one surrenders the little doer for the bigger one. One may find oneself repeating lines from the Lord's Prayer. "Thy will be done."

Would not a true sense of the larger self ask, "What is thy will?"

The higher level of awareness actually takes more responsibility, not less. Whereas the gang-banger selling drugs on the street corner, does not think about what is good for anyone else.

So perhaps one needs to consider the level of responsibility one takes for oneself, and the world, as an indication of how enlightened one actually is.

This of course, does not preclude surrender, as in "Thy will be done."

Thus one is in the position of "Thy will be done," and here is my contribution. I give what I can give, without taking on responsibility for the results.


No One In Particular said...

It is all God's will, the deeds of the little doer and the deeds of the big doer. Whatever the deeds are, they are God's will, or God Himself, or unconditional love, or whatever it's OK to call it on Thursdays; it allows everything as it IS everything. Whether it's a story of responsibility or a story of selfishness, every story is a story of love, in its many guises. And there is never really a story, for a story needs time to unfold; there is just this, no matter what bit of the story seems to be here. There is just this, the rest is memory or speculation, happening in this. So nyahhh.

Maury Lee said...

You make me smile! Keep it up.

No One In Particular said...

The goal of making people smile arises. So great! You keep it up too. Playing with concepts is fun. Playing, in fact, just might be the "best" goal that arises. "Everyone" is "awake" at the start of the story, as children; and what do children do best? Play, that's what. So, Maury, can you come out and play?

Consius said...


If there is only doing happening, or God doing, or GOdnessing, whatever lable you put on it, what happens when you say to yourself ' I am going to lift my arm up in the air whenever I want' . And yep, in 10 seconds or 12 or 6 or even 2 minutes, my arm is lifted. What happens with those experiments? I understand that the first thought if arising in awareness, but the action itself is really tricky. IT seems like there is a triggerer there HERE doing it. Maybe not an I?