Friday, February 2, 2018

With My Consent

I am awareness. Everything else is an illusion, a mystery. But the mystery is in me, projected from me. What fear can I have of what appears?

I am the field in which all of this arises. The play is played, the music heard. It is but entertainment. I am unaffected.

Joy only in what is revealed. It does not affect me. Good or bad, a dream only. I enjoy it. 

All resolves into me, as I am, as I was, and will be. Nothing happened. But all was good fun.

Sound and fury appearing in stillness. Nothing to fear or change. All happens with my consent.

What could be better than this?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We Are That Awareness

Where can I find a particle of the universe that isn't aware? I exist. To know that is to be aware. But what about the material world that surrounds me? Do I assume it is unaware? I do not.

We know that the molecules of steel cling to each other in patterns defined by their makeup. From iron to the various forms of steel, particles know when they are next to each other. They cling and hold together according to their composition. It may not be our level of awareness, but the atoms know what they are next to and respond accordingly.

In the paired particle experiments, paired particles, when separated, even from space, respond to any change of spin in one of them. At some level we cannot deny that awareness is there.

Water clings to itself until separated by a stronger force. Water, being a great solvent, dissolves much of what it comes in contact with. Can we not say that minerals are not aware when coming into contact with water? No, they respond by breaking apart.

Doesn't the earth spin in harmony with the sun, aware of it's place? And don't the stars have their orbits in response to the gravitational fields around them? Doesn't light bend around gravitational fields?

I could go on along this line, but you get the point. This is an aware universe, from the atom to the stars. Nothing is unconnected. Nothing is separate. Awareness holds this whole universe together.

As a sentient human we may have a more personal awareness than rocks or stars. But is it essentially different? I think not. We are one in this essential awareness. We are not separate, but one with all that is. We are that awareness.