Friday, August 12, 2016

The Knower

Everything that we see and experience is created by the knower. The knower is Awareness, pure consciousness. Absolutely everything that we know and experience is an interpretation. Everything we experience is a created interpretation of what is. What that is, what everything is, is consciousness. Every interpretation is a creation of Maya, the creative interpretive function of the Absolute. All is created by the Self, for the Self, for its own good pleasure. So why not be yourself and enjoy yourself.

The map is not the territory. The map is an interpretation only, a representation of a physical or other type of space. The map and the physical space are both in consciousness, both interpretations of what is. All that is experienced, in and of itself, only exists in consciousness. There are no ifs or buts about it. All there is, is consciousness. We are that Awareness, that knower, of what is.

There are no two consciousnesses. There is no separate thing in this entire universe. There is nothing you can know, touch, feel, smell, taste, or see, that is not in consciousness. The soup of isness is nothing but appearances, interpretations moderated by the type of brain we have.

There is nothing real as a separate thing. There is only this one essence experiencing itself as this and that. All created in consciousness alone. The interpretation of seeing is reflected light. The interpretation of hearing sound is waves of pressure. Taste is an interpretation of molecules on the tongue. Where are these seemingly different experiences? In the mind. Where is the mind? In consciousness.

Is it not clear that there are not two things in this universe? Is it not clear that there is only one thing, experiencing all things. All known by consciousness alone. Is not our personality just an interpretation of a particular body and how it experiences and responds to the world. Can you really claim the consciousness of your bodymind for yourself? Certainly not as the bodymind, for you are the knower of the bodymind.

We are that Absolute knower, the ground of being, the Awareness of all that is. We are that which is the consciousness of all sentient beings. That alone exists. That is what we are. The creator of all this. Isn't that limitless freedom? Being the creator of all that is. Isn't this understanding a joyful knowing. I am That, and you are That.

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” ― Meister Eckhart

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Glorious Freedom

All the various things are interpretations of the sense organs. The one Essence swirls with energy, forming and dissolving objects of infinite variety. The variations of energy interpreted by the organs of sentient beings, create the appearance of all objects. Quantum physics now explains that all the objects in the universe are the atoms of one system, one Essence, one Absolute. Quantum physicists now realize that nothing can be explained without consciousness in the equation.

Without being aware, nothing can be known. Without Awareness nothing can be said to exist. Awareness, being pure, has the capacity to reveal any object, any thought, any feeling. Awareness itself, however, must remain pure, otherwise, how could it know all things. It is the screen upon which all existence appears. It exists in its purity prior to all appearance.

When any object appears in Awareness, we become conscious of it. Awareness is primary, the subject in which all of existence appears. From womb to death we are conscious. There is not one thing we become conscious of that does not owe its existence to Awareness. Yet, we are so distracted by all we are conscious of, that we fail to see Awareness itself. This unseen presence behind all appearances we do not see. That is the open secret which ignorance protects. Yet that is what we are. For without Awareness, there is nothing to be conscious of.

The ancient sages say there is only one thing we can know for sure. That one thing is that "I exist." No one can deny this. Everyone knows they exist; knows they are aware. Therefore, Awareness, the Absolute, is primary, the ground, the being, the knower of all.

Only deep examination of what we experience and how our senses interpret the world, do we begin to appreciate that which makes all things knowable. Only when all experience is deeply examined do we appreciate the primacy of Awareness. That essence we overlook is Awareness itself. When we see that all  experience is known only by and in Awareness, can we appreciate the Absolute subjectivity of Awareness. Only then do we realize we are That. Enlightenment is simply that recognition that what we are ultimately, is none other than That. I am That. You are That." Glorious freedom. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

No Strategy Required

Once your ignorance is gone, you know that you are That. Once you are no longer the bodymind on the stage, what strategy is required? When you are That, what further action is required? What further action could you do? What needs to be done? The bodymind you once where, remains, but it no longer has anything to do with you. It is still on the stage, but you have nothing to do with it. You are the audience. The bodymind will continue to be and do what it does. It will follow it's program, doing what it does, enjoying what it enjoys, moving away from what it does not like. But you, being That, just watch, blissfully knowing that whatever happens to the bodymind is none of your concern. Enlightenment is just the shift in identity from being a bodymind to being That. Once you are That, you are seeing from that 'grand indifference" as Franklin Merrell-Wolf called it. Peace only reigns. What happens to the bodymind does not disturb you. What happens to other bodyminds does not disturb you. The bodymind will have its concerns. It may work for environmental concerns, or work for social justice, but it is irrelevant. Its just a program, a play you are watching. If the bodymind doesn't work for justice, or any improvement whatsoever, you, as That, don't judge or opine. There is no thought that it should be different. Even Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone." The enlightened one does not wake up thinking he needs positive thoughts. He doesn't need strategies for getting through the day. He doens't tell himself, "This will be the best day of my life." Everything is already good because he is That. That peace. That bliss. That knowing that all is well. The play will go on. But it's just a show. Shakespeare said it well. "She would have died later anyway. That news was bound to come someday. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. The days creep slowly along until the end of time. And every day that’s already happened has taken fools that much closer to their deaths. Out, out, brief candle. Life is nothing more than an illusion. It’s like a poor actor who struts and worries for his hour on the stage and then is never heard from again. Life is a story told by an idiot, full of noise and emotional disturbance but devoid of meaning." (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5) The enlightened one is no longer the fool. If the candle goes out today, it is no different than if it goes out tomorrow. The actor is on the stage, but you are not the actor, the doer, the enjoyer. You are That. The witness only. Be well my friends. Let play go on. You are the witness only.