Monday, September 5, 2011

Thinking is a Thorny Issue.

Thinking is a thorny issue. Sometimes our thinking drives us crazy. Sometimes we like our thoughts - enjoy them immensely. When thoughts are driving us crazy we want to be rid of them, but that does not seem to be possible. If we could control our thoughts we might come to like them very much. But they seem to have the run of the house, "My thoughts ran away with me."

If one accidentally steps on a thorn and it pierces deeply into your flesh, it hurts. You hate the thorn and its effect. But if there is nothing available but more thorns, you use another thorn to remove the first one. This metaphor speaks to the problem of thought.

Thought is a thorn when it has its way, worrying and tormenting. But, like using a thorn to remove a thorn, right thought, true thought, removes worries and fears. Tormenting thought can be removed by true thought. Untrue thoughts are the enemy, not thought per se.

True thoughts, used as pointers, remove untrue thought. True thoughts can be discovered because they bring peace. True thought brings light into the dark. The untrue is then seen as the dark that light disperses.

True thoughts dismantle false thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. The mountain of untrue thoughts which seemed insurmountable begins to dissipate. At some point, the mountain is no more. One beholds few or no thoughts. There comes a time when even true thoughts are no longer needed.

There is only peace and silence as all that is.