Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Thousand Fingers

Five thousand fingers pointing to the moon, each in a different direction. If you stood them all together, it would look like a waving field of grain. The only place they could be pointing, would be everywhere. Including exactly right here.

Best to keep your own head, for those that would like to chop it off are a dime a dozen. Spiritual naiveté is no excuse. Best place no head above your own.

When you follow out of resonance, be sure to realize that it was your decision. No one drags you to the end of any particular finger. If it's the middle finger, best take the hit, you did it to yourself.

Guru worship is a sin. When you follow, follow what resonates within yourself. Place yourself in the top position so you can only blame yourself. Wolves in sheep clothing come a dime a dozen.

So many fingers waving in the sun, pointing to the top of the mountain, but the Zen you find up there is what you carried with you.

So many fingers pointing to the moon, each to it's own antenna, make for dangerous traveling. Find your own finger, your own antenna. Keep on your toes until you collapse from finger following into your own deep well.

Keep in mind that when you get there, you will see that there was nowhere to get, only what you overlooked.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prism Breakout

Who among us really sees what is? We are too busy with our stories, too embedded in our positions, our own prism of light. Our light is broken, parted, placing the whole in shadows.

We see content only, selected content. We see only through our personal light. Like rose colored glasses. It reflects only our story, in our selected light.

We do not see the big picture with the whole spectrum of light. We are out of context, separated, seeking to make the world conform.

The true picture is hidden in the colors we do not see. We demand the world come to us in our version of light. So we are lost, alienated from the whole. It won't conform. We claim the world has left us all alone, abandoned, strangers in a strange land.

But it is we who insist on our own personal view. It is our own narcissistic demand that alienates. It is we who have abandoned the whole, preferring to see it our way. It is we ourselves who have refused to see without judgment, without condemnation.

What is, is. If we would look at the world as it is, without our positions, allowing the whole spectrum of light, we might see something different. If we allowed the whole context, in which we are only a small part, to come into view, we might find ourselves embraced.