Monday, April 13, 2009

I am Everywhere

I am is everywhere, yet sometimes thinks it's this or that. All the personal work has its use in undoing conditioning.

First there was contraction, then openness. The yin and yang of experience.

We were before we thought, and are after thinking is done. Curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity took this one down as well. So what was the harm in thinking?

The true mind knows it's limits. The true mind knows something is beyond. The true mind knows it can relax and let things be. The rest is just play.

I was the one before I knew I was the one. So who was I when I thought I was someone? The One of course. Who else could I have been?

Personality thought it was the root, but turns out it wasn't. Resonance lead elsewhere.

When chaos and randomness fall into Being, nothing is left out of place.

1 comment:

No One In Particular said...

You said it, or so it seems. It is what it is. Not begun or ended, not becoming or became, just this. Beautifully clearly stated.