Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Understanding Dawns

When understanding dawns, so many things drop away. The needs you used to have fall like leaves from a tree, preparing for winter. The future is nothing to worry about. It will be exactly as it is supposed to be.

You no longer have to clean your mind, or watch your mind, it is stilled by understanding. Whatever thoughts arise are seen to be useful or not. No matter. If they are to be acted upon they will, if not, not.

Even prayer does not arise. When everything is known to be perfect, and everything is unfolding perfectly, what is to be prayed for? What needs to be changed? Since you are That, who will you pray to?

Everything becomes simple. There is a body to be taken care of, but it is not you. You provide what it needs. The mind no longer needs much as ego needs have dissolved. If such a need appears to arise, there is nothing behind it, to drive it forward, and it dies after arising. No effort involved.

There is only one Will operating in the universe. Aligned with That, what is an appearance going to do? It is not even possible to consider. Nothing left to do, but relax into That.

Understanding takes the person out of the picture, as the many become One. The personal becomes impersonal. Everything stands as It IS, as It always has been, and always will be.

There is only stillness, You watch the changing scenery, knowing that nothing is happening. Nothing has ever changed. Peace is all there Is.


Crazy Pianist said...

Thank you for your peaceful, helpful writing. I always look forward to new posts!

Maury Lee said...

It's a two way street. Thanks for commenting.

No One In Particular said...

It doesn't matter if understanding dawns or not...but pleasant if it seems to!

Maury Lee said...

Right on! Have a great day and keep on appearing well!

Graham58 said...

Maury, I hope you don't mind me commenting on the "What are we looking for?" blogpost here but I wasn't sure if you were still followiung that one.

I've just posted something new to it, Barry Long's original passage from the journal I mentioned there.

Best wishes,

Graham, Cornwall, UK .