Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Right Action

Do not go looking for people to help. You may be trying to gain virtue, which likely is ego identification. Rather, be what you are, where you are, available to respond to needs presented to you. Ishvara knows what is needed, and if you are to do it, that need will appear. Respond accordingly.

Seek the truth so that you become the light. Then people will present themselves to you with questions, or with physical needs. Responding as life unfolds, where you are, as you are, lets you respond without chasing virtue.

It is freedom that you want, not virtue. It is truth that you want, not virtue. From  freedom comes truth and virtuous action. Then when you respond, it will be right action, not some superimposition.


freebird said...

'I' struggle with this one. 'Respond accordingly', for me, means a trauma response more often than not. Been on this path since 2008, but got re-traumatised a couple of times more by life. The nervous system causes reaction, not right action. Nothing evil, but often flight from the trigger, where helping the other would be more useful, more of a 'right action'. But it's all that could be in that moment. 'Right action' is simply the value judgement of a conditioned PERSON, in the relative world. All is as it has to be. Sometimes not virtuous action, but Truth nonetheless. The only way this person can be. Enlightened PTSD? It seems so, here.

Maury Lee said...

Trauma is a big problem. It causes a lot of suffering. It also causes reactions to be quick and then cause regrets. On the other hand, people that have suffered tremendously are often the ones for whom the search becomes mandatory. This search with intensity is what it takes to realize the Self. So, there is often grace in the end. Thanks for commenting!