Monday, November 6, 2017

Absolute Dream

When you dream at night you create a whole world full of people, animals and a storyline. You experience it with no knowledge that it is a dream until you wake up. Then you know it was entirely your own creation. One can even say it was entirely unreal, and yet you touched, felt, smelled, and experienced a material world.

How is it then so hard to realize that the waking world is no different? This whole world of name and form is a projection, a dream of the Absolute? Where is the difference? The Jiva dreams. The Absolute dreams. No difference. Not two. Sat, chit, ananda. 


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your writing.

I'm trying to put to point a question but completely failing.


Maury Lee said...

Yeah, the struggle to even think the questions one has about the great spirit is hard. But, staying with the question has its own reward. Something deepens. There can be doubts, and even these doubts are difficult to bring into form. In this it can be assumed that the question or doubt is quite profound and worth pursuing.

Thanks for your comment.


Anonymous said...

The question is always going out, in the same way that "regular" questions can be answered, like "How long to cook a soft-boiled egg?". But it is obvious that no answer provided by anyone else can suffice, no matter how truth-infused the words are.

I guess more than a question, this is a cry to fill the whole that can't be filled.

Maury Lee said...
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