Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Awareness Does Not See Itself

Just as the eyes cannot see  themselves, you do not see your real self. Just as the eyes need a mirror to see themselves, we need a word mirror to see our real nature.

When your next thought comes, you will be there to experience it, but you do not know what it will be. When your next feeling comes, you will be there to experience it, but you do not know what it will be.

If you contemplate this fact, you will see that you cannot be your thoughts or feelings. They come and go. You do not. So, what is this you that is available to whatever comes? Pure awareness, the witness, the one observer. You are that.

The next problem to analize is the where the pure awareness resides. Is it limited to your body?Limited to every individual body? Or is it a universal field from which all bodies partake?

Just as you know what your eyes see, so you know what your mind thinks and feels. But that knower is not dependent on what the body thinks or feels. It is independent of it.

If the body dies you will no longer have the thoughts and feeling of that body. But that does not mean that you have disappeared. You never were those thoughts and feelings. You were always the observer, the knower.

Bodies are appearances. You are the knower in all appearances. Nothing is known without your presence. You must be there prior to the body, and there is nothing to suggest you disappear when the body goes. You are that in which everything appears.


Unknown said...

Love this Post. Thanks

Maury Lee said...

It's great to get confirmation. Thanks for letting me know.