Friday, October 12, 2018


The world cannot be other than perfect.

From our human construct we may disagree. That is to be expected. We appear to be a body that has needs and desires and a wrong move may cause pain or even death.

But from the perspective of Self, nothing could possibly be wrong. From the source which we can know as Awareness itself, manifestation arises. The universe, and beings of infinite variety appear, provide experience, and disappear. But nothing arises other than That. Existence itself is nothing but That.

Being that Awareness/Consciousness is all there is, the essence of everything is That, doing as it will, as every particle and every sentient being. There is no second Self to judge, or compare, or determine that anything less than perfection exists. 


M.C. said...

This makes perfect sense to me, and there's no need to dig further into what appears to be happening. Though pain and sorrow may ensue from so-called events, it truly is exactly as it should be and can only be, at every instant. Thanks for the excellent post!

Maury Lee said...

Yeah, we may not like it, but from the big perspective it does alleviate a lot of "Why me?" suffering.