Monday, October 7, 2019

Podcast on Spiritual Teachers Channel

An interview I did with has been posted. If you like my posts you might enjoy this interview.  Interview with Spiritual Teachers


Tim said...

I enjoyed your interview with shawn and will give your site a read.Nice of you to mention Robert Wolfe.I'm a fan and hope Shawn gives him a call.Chalie Hayes may not be alive he was pretty ill if I remember.TAT folks dont think to highly of Neo Advaita though Nizzargatta does get mentioned a bit.Who are some of your favorite BATGAP people.I started losing interest when I saw Bashar get 275,000 views.

Maury Lee said...

Tim, thanks for letting me know you appreciated my interview on Yes, Robert Wolfe is a wonderful teacher. He is quiet and reserved, but has much to offer. He called me after I wrote a review of his book Living Nonduality. Very down to earth and to the point. Shawn would do well to interview him. Charlie Hayes has died, but I was lucky to have some talks with him. Neo Advaita has some excellent pointing. For me, it took more than that. I find the original ancient teachings more satisfactory, as they are more complete. Nisargadatta is a true inspiration, and yet I still needed the more complete teaching to end my search. I think we need to follow what resonates until the search is satisfied. I plowed through a lot before satisfaction dawned.

I have watched so many batgap interviews that I would have a difficult time deciding on a few best interviews. What I like about what Rick does, is that he interviews such a wide range of people. He certainly helps me keep an open mind. He certainly surprised me by giving me an interview!