Friday, May 1, 2020

Hate The Sin But Not The Sinner

For all the teachings about about not judging and not hating there are just as many that say don't sin, and don't cast pearls before swine, hate the sin but not the sinner. Discernment is a cherished method of realization and that is a judgment function. These statements about not judging are better understood if you use the phrase "don't condemn." A realized person would see a wrong, (therefore a judgment), yet not condemn the sinner, (love him anyway). Discernment is absolutely necessary. Making judgments is necessary. But It is not necessary to hate the sinner. Realization is seeing the innocence of the sinner. On realization one sees all as equal; one essence. The realized make judgments. They just don't condemn. Nisargadatta says, "The sinner and saint are just exchanging notes." Discernment but no condemnation. The final realization is that I don't condemn myself either. No matter what I've done, I'm as innocent as a flower. I am love itself. There is no separation between me and That.


Vandana Bakshi said...

Thank you

Maury Lee said...

Your're welcome.

Graham Giles said...

"The saint and the sinner are just exchanging notes."

Hi Maury, here's my take on it for what it's worth. When you've attained sainthood you will have (hopefully) a stable awareness of your true identity and one that no one can take away from you.

Those of us who aren't saints but are aware of the possibility of sainthood are still trying to establish ourselves in that state, and we are much more vulnerable than saints are to being deflected from it; so we can't afford to surround ourselves with people who are critical of our spiritual practices and aren't supportive of our desire to work on ourselves.

(I'm aware that "saint" might not be the best word to use here but I'm having trouble thinking of a better one; maybe "jnani" is a better one.)