Friday, April 11, 2008


Awareness contains all objects, but is not an object itself. When remaining as Awareness, no hope or fear has need to arise. Awareness is all that is, abide as this and what concepts need be pursued? What further understanding need be in that which already includes all understanding and misunderstanding, and allows both without judgment.

Any new understanding can only already be in this. Abide as Awareness. Recognize yourself as Awareness. All effort is outside of Awareness. Be still and put to rest all thoughts of achieving.

Abiding in Awareness is the Great rest. All that happens, happens in this, is allowed in this, is welcomed by this. It itself is unmoved. Awareness does not flinch at what appears or disappears. When awareness recognizes itself, it knows only peace is possible. There is only this, observing and containing all. One field, one source, One IS.

When there is Awareness as Awareness, what more needs to be obtained? There is nothing left to do but watch what happens, including that which the self apparent body-mind appears to do. It all happens effortlessly for the one who abides as Awareness.

maury lee 4/10/08

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