Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Seeker's Mind

Since all is one, the seeker can already only be what is sought. The seeker is blinded only by his own usurpation of awareness.

Most seekers, want to find a state for themselves that is blissful, orgasmic, or at minimum, peaceful. These desirable states are projected onto the guru/teacher, apparently separate from themselves, over there.

The problem with this is that there is no there. The guru / teacher is not separate. The seeker is never going to get what the guru has because the guru doesn't have it either. He's not there and you here.

Seekers want a state because it is something they understand. The appeal of a state is that it is somewhat permanent. The seeker desires a somewhat permanent state that is blissful, mystical, unitary, etc.. This is understandable, typical human behavior, but isn't what is being pointed to here.

The problem might be clarified if the seeker could see that what is being pointed to is not a state. Sometimes referred to as the "stateless state." What is, is prior to and beyond any state.

However long, a state has a beginning and an end. The stateless state is that within which any state, feeling, thought, object, universe appears. A state of mind, a state of bliss, a state of unity, is not that. The apparent seeker is a complex of multiple movable states, not any of which, or any new one, will satisfy.

When what is, is seen (noticed, awared, realized), the shock is -- that what one is, is not a person, not a thing, nothing that can be grasped or held. It certainly cannot become a state. It is prior to all states, contains all states, is prior to any seeker's mind. When this is seen, one is no longer a seeker, or a person! When seen It is obvious and unshakeable. It is a surprise!

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