Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where are you seeing from?

When you look as "I am this person," you are already in limitation. Your psychological security protection mechanism is already in play. Whatever you look at, visually, mentally, emotionally, will be prescribed by your notion of self. Things seen, felt, heard, will be twisted to fit within the boundaries of your conscious and unconscious notions of who you are -- male, female, white, black, good bad, sane, insane. It doesn't matter what the conditioning is, it's still a prison, a conceptual prison, a net of thought. Just see that you diligently build and protect your prison. A fanatic would rather die than open the prison door.

If you are interested in seeing behind the curtain of self, of thought, of concepts, try this. Sit quietly in a chair. Where are you? How do you know where you are? Really look!
Notice that the only way you know you are in your house is because you have the concept house. You live on a street, and a sign says so -- the streets are labeled. How do you know you are in a chair? Because you have the concept chair. You were taught that concept. So now you know that the only way you know you are in your own home, in a chair, is because you have concepts and labels.

Now feel your body. Where is it? Without the labels of city, street, home, chair, where is your body? You don't really know, do you? All you really know is some pressure here, a warmth here, a twitch, an ache. You really have no arms, legs, or a head, without naming them, do you?

Now you don't know where your body is, neither do you know it's parts. Forget your name. It's just a label. Just sitting, do you know whether you are male or female?

Lastly, ask yourself, who is seeing all this? Who feels the pressure points, the warmth, the draft. Who hears the sounds? Is it really you? Do you know who you are? Or are there just sensations, perceptions, sounds, happening nowhere. All of this is actually happening to no one, nowhere. Just this field of Awareness open to all that appears. This is what you are. This thou art.

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