Sunday, April 13, 2008

There Is An Answer

There is an answer, but it is not a concept. The answer is, but it can only be pointed to. There is no ground for a person to hold on to. However, if one truly sees that one is not a person, not a thing, not any thing, then one is standing on holy ground -- the Only Ground -- that which Is. That which Is, everything. You no longer know about that, you are That!

When you are that which Is, and only That, truly you are in a pathless land, a choiceless land, a land where free will and bondage have lost their meaning. You can only be spontaneous, for there is nothing to tell you what to do. You only do that which comes naturally. What you will do has already been decided. You, as a person, have nothing to do with that.

Did you choose to be a seeker? Did you choose to be a finder? No, you were chosen, and you were brought to finding. That's why it is called grace. It's why when one becomes that which is, there can only always be humility. How can you claim any thing as your own? You can only claim everything. And when you are everything, then you are love.

When you are the love that is everything, where is the need for a code of conduct? Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." The people listening took it as a code of conduct, but he was simply speaking from the nondual perspective. He was saying, "You are your neighbor, how could you not love yourself?"

maury lee 4/14/08

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