Thursday, January 1, 2009

Intuiting Home

There is always the scientific debate to arrive at the final answer. However, if the water is in the field next door, you have to leave the field you are in, to get there.

Science will eventually get there, but it will only be after much fussing and fuming, and grinding of teeth. You see, the First Cause is not in the physical world, and cannot be explained by Newtonian, linear thought.

The Theory of Everything ( ToE ) is actually easy to come by. God did it! Substitute for God any term you like, Source, The One, The Force. Scientific reductionism will never explain this first principle.

The first cause will always remain unexplainable by science. The Big Bang is a concept. God is not a concept. Explanations will change, become more sophisticated, but only the truly ignorant will be satisfied.

In the book of Genesis, it says, we are "created in the image of God." The mystics knew this long ago. But science doesn't know its limitations and thus can't see this.

We who know meaning is not defined by Newtonian logic, and know that there is more to this world than meets the eye, know God to be eternal. And we intuit that, made in the image of God, we too are eternal.

The ground of being is unmanifest. It is not an object, as all objects are immersed in It. God being unmanifest, so too are we. The only reasons we can even intuit that God is real, is that it is true. And we know this beyond reason, beyond logic, beyond labels.

To know is not to be able to prove. As David Hawkins says, in the non linear domain, truth is knowable, but not provable. Scientific theories can be proven true or false. Not so with the unmanifest.

Karma is complete nonsense to those who have not glimpsed or felt the unmanifest. But once one has taken a step beyond science, beyond logic, into the unknown, one can begin to see that Karma is real.

Karma is not often mentioned in the Jewish Christian traditions. It is, nevertheless implied. And when Karma is acknowledged, much in life that seems absurd, becomes acceptable. Eventually, it is seen as the key that makes the harmony.

The assumption that we are our bodies fades as we get older. All that we cannot explain gets surrendered to God. And the more we surrender, the more peace comes in to blanket us.

This is not to be understood with the mind. In fact it cannot be understood with the mind. And once you have a satori or two, experience mystical union, even for a minute, you are hooked, for there is nothing in the scientific, linear world that will strike you with as much authority.

Because the authority one experiences is not provable, neither is it disprovable. In fact, there is no explaining it. But, once you know that you are eternal spirit, your path is sure.

The part is essential to the whole. The whole is eternal. And we are here, temporarily embodied, only for awhile. Our home is eternal. We only left for awhile to experience this.

The path is narrow, that leads to the goal. You are drawn to it. Even though for much of your life you didn't know what it was that was calling. But the still small voice gets louder, and the peace greater, and the joy brings you home.


abraxas23 said...

Ah, finally there is someone, who can think. Yes, science is a curse, it has shaped our mind in a specific way, so that it is now almost impossible to believe in GOD. When Carl Gustav Jung once was asked 'Do you believe in GOD?', he replied 'I do not believe, I know.' I think, I feel, this is a truly sublime answer.

Can we know GOD? Can GOD know GOD? The one who is looking, is the one we are looking for. Thus the one who is looking, can never be found. Meher Baba states, that scientists will never understand GOD, the more progress they make, the more paradoxical the outcome of their results will get, and ultimately they will have to give up, they will have to give in.

'GOD cannot possibly exist, for if he existed, we could measure him.' If they could measure him, they would state, that they can measure him, control him, stand above him and thus state it cannot possibly be GOD.

The more I ponder over it, the more I realize how dogmatic science is, how hard it is to be a scientist with deviant thoughts, how much science resembles religion.

To understand, that GOD cannot be understood is a form of understanding too, it seems. At least scientists will understand how arrogant they were, how naive and how blind.

The absence of proof is not the proof of absence. Just because they cannot measure something doesn't mean it is not there. It may simply mean the limitation of their devices of measurement.

Although GOD cannot be measured, there is enough that can be measured to at least give enough hints to understand, that the worldview of science is rather limited.

Science is good enough to make useful inventions, but not good enough to see truth.

Once they believed truth lies in words, in language, and then, they believed truth can be found in mathematics. But mathematics are a language too. How can the truth of GOD be found in a language?

Language is linear and GOD is not. Linear semantics have shaped our patterns of thought in such a way, that it has become impossible for us to appreciate what exists beyond time, what is just here and now.

That mathematics cannot describe a feeling and that a feeling also belongs to the cosmos and thus also has to be understood by physics, this they don't understand.

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god bless

Maury Lee said...

Great comment! It's obvious when it's obvious, but not before.