Thursday, July 16, 2009

In his autobiography,"Living to Tell the Tale," Gabriel Garcia Marquez, had this to say:

"I needed this old age without remorse to understand that the misfortune of my grand-parents in the house in Cataca was that they were always mired in their nostalgic memories, and the more they insisted on conjuring them the deeper they sank."

Now how enlightened in that? Isn't this one of the most poetic statements about our stories you've ever heard? Reading it just thrills my soul.

Great literature must touch on truth. It's the truth that carries the invisible carrier wave. It comes from the power of the words, and even from between the lines.

Seems there have always been enlightened souls. They just didn't go to Advaita groups, or have torturous definitions of what they were up to. They just knew.


No One In Particular said...

How true Maury, although whatever history and literature there seems to be are just the thoughts of now. There may be a story of being mired in the past, but there is nothing wrong with that; it is. Lovely by the way to see you blogging a bit more regularly. I hope the story of your life appears to unfold a little more mercifully than it has recently!

Maury Lee said...

You are always so kind. I can only write when moved by some unknown force. A feeling, some lines arise. Then I just get to see what came out.

It's been said that when you ask for purification, a lot of crap can come out of the woodwork.

I just took a one hour bike ride around a couple small lakes in this area. Feel pretty good right now.

It is such a contrast to some thoughts I get walking up a step hill to the bus stop after work.

This is a journey. Some say we ask for it, and even ask for more when we begin to wake up.

If taking a lot of shit was the measure, most of us would say we've had our share.

When I'm happy I know it would be OK to die right now. When I'm sad, it's not OK. The message seems to be happiness is better. But who chooses?

No One In Particular said...

Happiness, sadness, contentedness, uneasiness, all the same thing - different flavours.