Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take No Position

To deeply trust the way things are, without fear, has the perfume of truth.

You can't change what is, as you are part and parcel of it. You can only stop taking a position about it.

Not much more to do. Just don't look for bells or whistles. The ordinary becomes extraordinary when expectations drop.

Hold no head above your own, as no description of satori or bliss prescribes.

Whatever is, is totally subjective. How could it be otherwise? The subject is, I. One.

Hold on to nothing, as no thing is everywhere.


No One In Particular said...

Just beautiful Maury, and it really resonates.

Unknown said...


Incidentally i was listening to a speech on this reference point inside and how self is nothing but ' taking position ' and creating a refernce point inside..and also how once a postion is taken that creates its opposite resulting in separation..

It sounded true although i still feel i need to grasp the totality of it..I am still trying to understand it as another concept..

I will feel greatful if you post one more detailed thread on how a self is created by taking a position and how taking positions creates duality and thereby results in conflicts rather than the opposite happening