Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Peace and Drama

Funny how people think that awakening releases all problems. It doesn't. It helps. It helps a lot, but much of that help involves only the individual. In other words, the personal baggage one carries lightens.  The personal circular thinking and projecting of pain and anger stops. Things become less personal, and one finds oneself more relaxed. Best of all, one knows that ultimately everything is OK.

However, dealing with other people who are projecting and think your contentment is laziness, doesn't stop. You may have dropped drama, but avoiding it in others is not so easy. When you have to deal with what is going on in others, especially spouses, it can difficult. When you stop responding to projections, the whole dynamic changes and others can get really angry. No wonder there are hermits when being alone is the most peaceful place. When drama serves no purpose, enjoying being alone really starts to stand out.

With awakening one is very likely do change behaviors. There is a movement away from involvements that are dramatic and full of projections. For example, avoiding parties or gatherings full of gossip. Idle talk can be grating. Avoidance becomes a necessity. Others may feel that you have moved away from them. Support is now internal and the experience of contentment takes away the motivation to seek entertainment. One looses sympathy to what seems irrelevant, and others will feel slighted.

Like seeks like. Once the shift happens one finds oneself gravitating to reading mystics and enlightened spiritual masters. Though the seeking has stopped, the best reading is in these areas. This type of reading and contemplation becomes one's entertainment.

All problems don't go away. There is peace and happiness as a background, but relationships can suffer, and backlash from friends who no longer find you supporting their ego agendas will call you out. Friends will drop away. New friendships will develop, but with or without them you are never alone, presence is always here. 


Michael C. said...

Wonderful description that probably many will find disagreeable...

Maury Lee said...

Yeah, many will disagree. A lot of projection, hope, fantasy, and bliss get attached to enlightenment. But, the fact of realization is not what one imagines. In the end ecstasy and peak experience has usually been experienced and released. What is left is a deep contentment, peace, and joy in the simple things. Isn't that enough?