Sunday, August 12, 2018

Trusting the Unseen Force

I have no sense that this is my life. My sense is only that life is. This bodymind belongs to that life. Any purpose for this bodymind, therefore, belongs to life, to that which created it.

This bodymind did not create itself. It is an object. It belongs to that which created it. In no way can I say this is my life, I am in charge. The more honest position points in the direction of surrender. It actually becomes easy to surrender when one realizes that one is not in charge of one's life. The purpose and path one must take requires openness, pliability, and honesty. One must remain in listening mode.

From the position of surrender, the ego looses its place as the central guiding force. There is first a resounding silence from the universe. But, in time, the still small voice begins to be heard. One begins to follow that silence that only speaks through intuition in wordless gentle nudges.

Personal doing is left behind to be directed by an unseen force that one must trust. There is no other option when the ego knows its only job is listen and follow the desire of spirit. One instinctively knows that one must follow that force which created the universe.

That impersonal force comes to be trusted. It is obvious that trusting this impersonal life force is the only honest path. The motivations and attachments of the ego self diminish. Memories of the past cease to be motivations. Personal will looses all power. More space opens in the mind for musings from the unseen.

There is no one here needing to save the world. If something is to be done, the universe will conspire to get it done. If this bodymind is needed in the endeaver, it will be brought face to face with the necesary means. The unseen force supplies the events that make it obvious what is to be done. One follows the obvious without resistance, and things get done. This is a simple life. 

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