Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Most Unchanging

Jordan Peterson, in his book "12 Rules For Life, An Antidote to Chaos" has this to say on page 13.

"It's chaos, within order, within chaos, within higher order. The order that is most real is the order that is most unchanging -- and that is not necessarily the order that is most easily seen."

Reading those words really stunned me due to my understanding of non duality. In the world understood by the non dual sages, reality is defined as "That which does not change." Now isn't it astounding that Jordan Peterson, one of the most profound intellectuals of our current Western thinkers, has discovered this? Doesn't his statement make it clear that the ground of being is that which doesn't change?

That which doesn't change is ineffable, unlimited, unbound, beyond good or bad. The ancient Hindu sages stated thousands of years ago that Reality is that which doesn't change. And now, in our time, Jordan Peterson, perhaps the most popular lecturer of our time is saying the same thing, having made the same discovery.

Anyone who has pursued enlightenment can vouch for the fact that understanding and finding the impersonal non dual Self is perhaps the hardest thing a man can pursue. The difficulty lies in the simple fact that it is not easily seen. One literally has to step back from the personal self which changes, and discover the pure Awareness that is unchanging, no matter what is appearing in its field.

I believe the popularity of Jordan Peterson may be that he is touching on this foundational truth of Reality, that the ground of being is Awareness. And since it is the truth, and it is foundational, it can be trusted. 

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