Sunday, October 15, 2017

Imagine a Robot

Imagine a robot that has been sent to the moon. It has legs so it can maneuver on the moon landscape. It has cameras so it can create images and send them back to earth. It has recording equipment, so it can send recordings back to earth.

On earth in the space lab where all the receiving equipment is located, humans see and experience all the information the robot is capturing with its equipment. The humans get excited and are awed by what they see and hear.

Consider that the robot is inert. It experiences nothing. It's just equipment. The humans on earth are the ones who experience what the robot sees and hears.

Take another step and consider that the human body is the robot for the Self. The body is inert. You know and experience the body, but the body does not know you. You are that Self, that Awareness, in which all of creation exists and is experienced. You alone are eternal Existence Awareness in which all appears and disappears. 

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