Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Universal Awareness

Awareness is universal. In order to have a point of view it must create a scene and a focal point of awareness. Sentient beings are vehicles for reflected awareness. Since awareness has no qualities, it takes on the qualities of the vehicle it reflects. 

In the case of the human, reflected awareness takes on the view of the particular jiva. At the focal point of the individual, awareness responds as that person as if it were that person. The individual takes the reflected consciousness and responds according to the sense organs and personality that develops.

It is rare that a person doesn't perceive awareness to be indigenous to the physical and subtle body. The senses are in the body and the personality acts through the body. For all practical purposes, our mistaking ourselves to be the body is hard-wired. It is the rare person who discovers that awareness is not personal. Fewer still are able to see this without the teaching of Advaita Vedanta.

Vedanta turns the subject object relationship on its head. It shows that awareness itself is the subject. That you, and all sentient beings only borrow awareness. When you realize yourself to be awareness, you see that you are the field in which all the characters play. You awareness, take on the identify of each character. Then you play. Vedanta shows that you are not the doer, not the character. That is freedom. 

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