Thursday, July 18, 2019

Freedom Expressing

The only free will is that which is expressing, and it's certainly not the personal I. For me, total freedom is the expression for which I personally am not responsible, and take no credit or blame. A relaxation into this is a great peace.


rick Archer said...

If it's genuine, as I would expect in your case, then great. Unfortunately, this line of thinking has been used by scoundrels who want to have sex with underage girls, etc.

Maury Lee said...

You're absolutely right on this. Totally agree. I can think of several that have abused this understanding. Adi Da comes to mind. It seems that it's a 50/50 split among teachers as to whether or not we have free will as individuals.

The teaching "You are not the doer," if understood, points directly to where ultimate responsibility rests. It's certainly a paradox to live with apparent choice, and not be the doer. And, of course, society depends on all of us to be responsible. Ramesh Balsakar stated that "One must act as if one is responsible."
That's sensible, doesn't solve the paradox.

I don't know how this paradox can be handled with an understanding that makes sense. Obviously, a code of ethics would help keep abuse of this in check. I'll have to ponder this to see if I can come up with some clarity as to how one draws the line between Self and personal responsibility.