Friday, July 19, 2019

Personal Responsibility

If you are not the "Doer," where does personal responsibility apply?

With deep examination, great sages have come to the conclusion that "I am not the doer, and neither are you." Assuming that you have read and pondered deeply enough to realize this, where does personal responsibility come into play?

I am not of the persuasion the person does not exist. The individual bodymind does exist even though its appearance is temporary, and it did not create itself. No one can say "I do not exist."

If we stand as Awareness, the Absolute, all responsibility resides here. The manifested creation, the projection into form, is my creation and my responsibility. It follows the universal laws I have laid down.

As the Absolute I can create focal points of limited consciousness, but can I give free will to any of the created beings?

If we have realized "We are not the doer," does that absolve us of responsibility in this world? Common sense says "No."

Realization does not disappear the body, and it does not disappear the mind, even though it may feel like the personal self is dissolved to a great degree.

Knowing that reality is non dual, forms still exist. There is the Absolute and there is the relative world of plants and animals. There are universal laws that obtain to all creatures, including realized beings. 

Regardless of the level of realization, the personal body and mind continue to exist. That existence is in the relative world, and the relative world has universal laws which apply. Jesus acknowledged this in saying "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's." Matthew 22:21. David Hawkins, likewise, reminded us not to mix levels.

As long as we remain in form, the universal laws apply. It is said, "Next to good manners, enlightenment is best." The point here is that no matter how realized a teacher is, as long as they remain in form, living in this world, the relative universal laws apply. As Jesus said, "Be in the world, but not of it."

The point is this:

Realization does not absolve the teacher of values. Realization does not bestow permission to abuse students. Realization doesn't make one a law unto themselves. 

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