Saturday, April 18, 2020

All Is Well

I'm a good loner, so I'm in my element. Since the Covid-19 stay at home order, I've installed a bamboo floor in my office. Fixed a plugged kitchen drain, and installed a new garbage disposal. It's time well spent. It's like Zen for me. When I do manual labor (I did this with no help) it's like meditation. Nothing goes on in my mind but the task at hand. I'm pretty sore right now, but the jobs are done.
Tomorrow I plant my tomatoes and maybe watch my garden grow. I don't really have the ability to panic, and I'm not feeling stressed. I do my best to console some relatives who think it's the end of the world. But all is well. I do know that.


ted said...

Good to hear Maury. This is a time when practice is crucial.

Vandana Bakshi said...

Thank you

Bob H said...

All is well. Life flows on.

Anand R Raghavan said...

I learnt to cook from my mother and that seemed to wake me up to the small things that make living beautiful

Do read about it when you can