Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Simplicity and Trust

Have you ever noticed that simplicity and trust go hand in hand? For example, in a relationship, if you trust the other person and they trust you, life can be navigated very simply. But if trust is lacking, things get very complicated. Think about it. You will see that it is so.

The same relationship is in operation between the self and the Self. When you give up trying to out think God, or the universe, and accept that there is no choice but to trust the process, your life gets much simpler. A peace descends because you are not fighting what is.

Now, this doesn't mean that you forsake discernment. You are still required to make decisions, make a living, do what needs to be done, but, the decisions become easier, and often spontaneous. Why, because there is trust that the universe is doing what it knows best. You do not judge it, but take what is deemed bad, or evil, in stride, trusting that a purpose is in play.

You know your piece of the pie, but may not know the big picture. If you trust that the big picture knows what it is doing: that it is good, then what choice do you have to make? Life becomes peaceful and easy. Trust is the relationship that abides between self and Self. That's enlightenment.

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