Saturday, April 27, 2019

Awareness is All

Some say that Awareness is just another thought, a description of an object we are thinking about. I have to disagree. We have the word food. We know what it refers to, an actual object, say spaghetti. We can't eat the word, but we can eat the spaghetti.

In the case of Awareness we are speaking of something we know, but it isn't really an object, it is what we are. Although we have a form through which we perceive, Awareness is a function, a principle that allows for consciousness. There is nothing outside of Awareness. It is the perceiving of the Subject, the Absolute.

Every being is a perspective, a focal point of Awareness. Each focal point perceives in its own way. It perceives according to the faculties it has, type of eye, ear, or nose, but however different, depending on the organs of perception, Awareness is what delivers the perspective.

Awareness is. It is not another object. It is what perceives all objects. Awareness is the Subject. It is what we are.

Whatever objects are, matter and energy projected, they are created by the Absolute, and perceived by the function of Awareness. We can only know via Awareness. It is the basis of all knowing. We know we are because we are Awareness itself, and whatever the Absolute is.

There is not anything in the universe that is not aware on some level. That awareness is conscious of something, even if only the attraction between positive and negative particles of atoms. From the outer limits of the cosmos to the tiniest quark, Awareness reigns. 

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