Friday, April 12, 2019

Your Loved One

Say you are grieving for a loved one who is gone. I ask you, how did you know that loved one? You knew them in Awareness, as Awareness. And how did that loved one know himself, or herself? In Awareness, as Awareness. And where is that awareness now? Right here, where you are. Can you see this Awareness is all there ever was, and is?

Awareness being every image from microbe to tiger, to friend, is the only life there ever was. You, this Awareness are still here. Your friend, loved one, known in and as Awareness, cannot be gone. Awareness is still here.

You are an image in this Awareness, just as your loved one was an image this Awareness. As that Awareness your loved one is still here, present as this Awareness. In fact, the only friend you've ever had is this Awareness, right here, right now.    

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