Friday, April 19, 2019

There Are No Things

When a sage says "There are no things," it is not dismissing the fact that we see things, tables, chairs, trees, and flowers. It means that although we perceive these different objects, their separateness isn't real.

What the sage means is that name and form are creations of our mind. A chair only exists to a human. A snail or a snake does not see a chair. It sees a form, but it is just another part of the environment.

The whole of creation is a perception in Awareness. It is one field with apparent difference. Whatever the thing is in itself, it is not separate from Awareness. All separateness is just an interpretation.

We can't say these things don't exist, yet, being all one, we can say "There are no things." There is only existence, and all existence is known in Awareness. One, being all that is. 

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Ron Krumpos said...

You said "All separateness is just an interpretation." I entirely agree,

We all share the same divine essence. In apparent realities, we all seem to live in different personal worlds, while within the same material world. In true Reality our worlds are always One: interpenetrating, inseparable and divine.