Thursday, April 11, 2019

Choiceless Awareness

When I deeply examine choice, I find only the feeling of choice, a sense of choice, but not the fact. As an individual I did not create this world, this body, or the process. Any choice ultimately is the play of Lila. Surrender to that is choiceless awareness.


Anonymous said...

This feeling of choice, instead of bringing about a sense of freedom, seems to create conflict, both outwardly and inwardly. When/if we first come closer to this inner conflict, before the outer one, and realize how little doership and eventually no doership at all we have in our thoughts and deeds, personal conflict falls away and our relationships improve effortlessly. Yet, it remains painful to see how close people, relatives, strangers fight for their opinions against others', (even nicely), obviously considering that there is no other way to cope with one another. Moreover, I do not see myself elaborating on 'choiceless awareness' with someone convinced about his/her free will and 'good' choices. I would have many questions to ask, reason why I come back regularly to your posts, which are indeed of great help, as I already said. Again, thanks a lot / from France.

Maury Lee said...

Nice to hear from France. I graduated from the International School of Bruxelles. Got to Paris once as a teenager and the beautiful women just floored me. It's nice to get some confirmation once in awhile regarding the subject of nonduality and choicelessness. I agree that there is a reduction in stress and conflict when one gives up doership. The weight of the world falls off one's shoulders. Ramesh Balsekar said regarding choice and responsibility, "One must act as if one is responsible." But we still know the truth.